Novelty Gallery

Some novelty items I have made. 

(see bottom of page for ordering similar items)


Whirley Gig Santa Slay/Reindeer

Whirley Gig Santa
Whirley Gig Santa Slay/Reindeerr
Farm Hay Truck
1920s-30s Farm Truck w/Walnut Frame
Wheels, Cherry Cab, Oak Bed


Another Steam Style Engine - Double Ended

A Choo Choo
Not For Sale
Another Steam Style Engine - Double
(Runs on output of a Vacumm Cleaner
The Wobbler
Not For Sale
A Wobbler Style Steam Type Engine
 (Runs on compressed air)


1936 Auburn Boatail Speedster - Cherry & Maple

Charity Donation
1936 Auburn Boatail Speedster - Cherry
& Maple

1923 US Mail Postal Truck - Bank

Postal Truck
Charity Donation
1923 US Mail Postal Truck - Bank
Cherry & Maple
(back door is old brass postal box door)

This gallery shows some of the novelty items I have made such as wooden toys,and wooden engines that operate like a steam engine but run on compressed air. I do not carry much of an inventory so what you see here may have already been gifted, sold or donated for charity.  However, if you see something you like I can make a similar one keeping in mind of course that no two pieces of wood are identical.  Or I can make a custom item to your specifications.  Contact me and let me know what you would like and I will do my best to meet your custom needs.  If any show "Available" contact me for pricing.
Sorry but I do not accept orders from outside of the USA. There is just too much red tape.

An online store may be offered in the future but until then please contact JD directly if you want to order any custom wood product.

Check me out on My Facebook page or my J&J WoodSmith Facebook page, I post pics of my work on those as well.


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Spalted Maple Hollow Form - MiniVase

Charity Donation
Figured Maple Bowl With Wings
OD at tip of wings 10" - ID of bowl 7.5" Depth of bowl 1.5"

Walnut&Maple HF -Space Needle

Change Tray
Walnut with brass inlay in outside edge.  5.5" wide x 1.5" deep