My Grandaughter, A Pen turner.
My grandaughter was visiting one day and we made a pen together, she is a great turner already.

From WTVQ Channel 36 Lexington, KY March 2012:

Check out this segment of WTVQ's "Kentucky Backroads" The segment is about the "Kentucky Market Pavilion" located at I64 Exit 123 in Owingsville, KY.  I am the featured artist that has consiqned work at KMP.

From Randy Georgetown, KY August 2011:

Hey, Mr. Combs,
You were right.  The pen arrived Tuesday, and it was even better than I had imagined!  I really like the colors and the Art Deco style of the pen.  I love the weight of it as well.  The only problem is that my wife is so afraid that she's going to lose it!  Oh, well, she can put it in her purse if we ever go somewhere to sign papers.  Thanks a million!  Hope to purchase more beautiful pens from you in the future!


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From Bath County Bulletin Owingsville, KY July 2011:

The Bath County Bulletin interviews local artists.

Local Craftsman Turns Hobby


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